What is the correct way to use VCI anti-rust products?

1. Preliminary matters — Packaging workers must wear clean gloves to avoid direct contact with products with sweaty hands and rust;

2, before packaging phase — confirm that the packaged products are dry and clean, without water stains, rust marks, and no other corrosive chemicals attached;

3, early packaging – the workpiece temperature should be kept consistent with the space temperature; Antirust bag

4, operating environment — packaging operating environment is to avoid moisture too large and no acid, alkali and other highly corrosive substances and acid corrosion gas;

5, packaging process — when using anti-rust products, should be attached with corrosion inhibitor side towards metal products;

6, packaging process – VCI products and the workpiece must be as close as possible, the distance can not be more than 30cm, between the two can not be placed other blocking items, the closer the distance, the better the effect;

7, packaging process – the packaging of metal and anti-rust film, such as paper pad, wood, plastic partition and other barrier materials, special attention to barrier materials can not directly contact metal products. In order to avoid the barrier material containing S, CL chemical composition, affect the rust effect.

8, packaging space – when lining packaging of large equipment and densely packed products, it is recommended to use with other VCI materials, such as: rust-proof paper, rust-proof powder, etc.

9. Completion of packaging — after the completion of packaging, heat sealing, tape, wire belt and other sealing storage should be adopted as soon as possible, and check that the packaged products do not puncture the film and affect the sealing effect.

10, reference standard – according to GB/T 14188 provisions of the correct use of gas phase anti-rust packaging materials.

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