VCI anti-rust bag can ensure the service life of products

The anti-rust period of VCI gas phase anti-rust bag can reach two years.

Operating requirements:

1, before packaging should be clean, dry the surface of the rust-proof articles. Then at room temperature with anti-rust film packaging, sealed. If oil packaging, it should be confirmed that the oil does not contain S, Cl and other chemical components, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the VCI effect.

2. Clean gloves should be worn when packaging. Do not touch rust-proof articles with bare hands.

3, if the rust-proof articles have protrusions or corners, pay attention not to Pierce the film. In case of accidental damage, industrial adhesive tape should be used to seal the wound in time to ensure sealing.

4, rust packaging operation, the workplace should be away from “acid, alkali and other highly corrosive substances and acid corrosion gas”.

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