VCI anti-rust bag and its advantages!

VCI anti-rust bag is a new generation of innovative high-tech products in the field of metal anti-rust. Will be rust metal products placed in after antirust bag sealing packaging, bag of VCI is contained inside the body began to sublimation announced rust gas factor and scattered penetration to be antirust goods and adsorption on the surface, form a single molecule thick layer of dense protective film, out of various factors with the rust and antirust goods surface contact, and then useful to prevent rust. So what are the advantages of anti-rust bags? How much do you know? Below follow xiaobian together to understand it.

1, with excellent gas phase and contact anti-rust performance, good anti-rust effect, cost-effective;

2, clean, harmless, non-toxic, environmental protection and safety. Certified by SGS, in line with RoHS directive requirements;

3, the rust-proof items can be used immediately, without degreasing and cleaning. Save labor and time, improve efficiency, save cost;

4, bright and beautiful, rust-proof articles dynamic visual, easy to identify;

5. Wide applicability. Small to a single part, large to the whole equipment can be used;

6, good printing, help to improve the image and level of rust-proof articles.

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