How to choose VCl anti-rust paper?

The development trend of industrial production machinery and equipment products day flying pig suddenly, more and more industries, companies gradually gradually anti-rust treatment technology, there are a lot of anti-rust treatment products on the market, such as: anti-rust film, anti-rust bag, anti-rust paper and so on, today we will introduce the basic working principle and characteristics of VCI anti-rust paper.

VCl antirust paper characteristics

1, simple to use, convenient and fast, set packaging, rust treatment in one.

2, can be trusted, does not contain phosphate, nitrite and other substances affecting the environment.

3, can protect the structure of complex parts, because it has excellent gas phase and touch rust treatment performance.

4, beautiful packaging, according to user requirements to provide printing services.

5, cleaning rust treatment packaging, can be directly used after opening.

Basic working principle of VCl antirust paper

Vci material namely, gasification corrosion inhibitors in normal temperature condition, the automatic volatile gas in the air, the formation of gas particles, corrosion inhibitors can automatically adsorption on metal surface and forming a protective particles, thus effectively destroy the formation of corrosion environment, cut off various corrosion factors of environment, to cut off the metal corrosion process, reach the purpose of protection of metal materials. The particle can inhibit the corrosion of metal by passivation, reduction, complexation of cathode and anode.

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