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The company specializes in the production of VCI gas phase anti-rust paper, VCI gas phase anti-rust PE bag (film), VCI gas phase anti-rust master, VCI gas phase anti-rust bag, VCI gas phase anti-rust powder, antioxidant and other anti-rust and moisture-proof products


Metal rust is one of the heavier varieties of anti-rust, vcivictor establish long-term cooperation relations with more listed, is committed to metal antirust research and development, production and application, and provide OEM customization services, products have been applied in many fields, focusing on gas phase anti-rust bag, vapor phase anti-rust film, the gas phase anti-rust paper, vapor phase anti-rust powder, VCI vapor phase anti-rust desiccant, such as research and development of new rust products. Flexible to meet different customer needs, excellent quality innovation in line with European and American environmental protection requirements.

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The following is the customer case of our transaction. Focus on anti-rust and moisture-proof products, you can trust us.

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Rapid Response

N-to-1 service mode, you can live chat on website or add our Whatsapp to get quick response.

Years Of Experience

15 years of focus on VCI rust products research and development and production, service more than 1000 enterprises Long enough inventory,

Refining Process

Bulk purchase of raw materials, using high-quality base oil, oil change cycle is longer than ordinary products life;

Flexible Delivery

We offer options of one-stop sourcing delivery and delivery in batches according to customers' requirements.

Efficient Custom

The introduction of advanced production equipment, automatic mechanized operation, a complete range of styles for you to choose

Perfect Service

Strong production flexibility, fast supply cycle, efficient logistics and fast delivery, to assure you of intimate service

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We are specialized in the production of gas phase anti-rust bag, gas phase anti-rust film, gas phase anti-rust paper, gas phase anti-rust powder, VCI gas phase anti-rust desiccant and other new research and development anti-rust products.

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