Are you clear about the basic principle of VCI vapor phase anti-rust desiccant?

A detailed introduction of gas phase anti-rust desiccant

Gas phase anti-rust desiccant is a combination of natural mineral attapulgite and VCI gasification anti-rust material gas phase desiccant. It not only has the function of absorbing water, but also has the function of rust prevention. Is the use of new technology information of the new concept of water absorption. Antirust agent, mainly used for iron or non-iron metal packaging and other requirements of water absorption and rust function of packaging engineering. Mineral desiccant, non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive, does not pollute metal products; Gas phase anti-rust desiccant anti-rust particles can penetrate into each corner of the packaging interior, especially the anti-rust oil daub difficult metal product interior, can deal with the general anti-rust agent can not deal with the corner, so as to achieve a better anti-rust effect; Does not affect the characteristics of metal products, no need to clean later;

Two, the basic principle of gas phase anti-rust desiccant

(1) The basic principle of attapulgite moisture absorption: the adsorption depends on its large surface volume, physical and chemical structure of the surface and ion state, which is divided into physical absorption and chemical adsorption. The essence of physical adsorption is through the van der Waals force adsorbent molecule adsorption on the surface of attapulgite clay, chemical adsorption is the formation of adsorption center on the surface of attapulgite clay by chemical bonds between molecules.

(2) the basic principle of VCI anti-rust: VCI rust particles released automatically in the metal surface to form a molecule thick protective film, prevent current flow from anode to cathode, which possessed the occurrence of corrosion reaction, rust particles together with the internal oxygen molecules and water molecules together and constrain them free activity, interlock function, to rust;

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