Anal sex is a perversion?

To this type of intimacy, many of us are still a wary attitude. If a man loves anal sex, does this speak about his hidden homosexuality

? If a woman prefers anal sex to traditional than this can be explained?

According to etymology (pervert – “turn, turn inside out”), perversion is a violation of the norm, deviation from natural purpose. Although in this logic a kiss can be called a perversion – after all, a mouth is needed in order to eat and speak! According to moral ideas, which often arose under the influence of religion, as soon as sexual practice deviates from the purpose of continuing the genus, it can be attributed to perversions. So they treated oral sex yesterday, and today the same thing happens with anal.

Freud defined perversion as an impulsive desire to reduce the role of a partner to an object that denies the difference between the sexes. But for what then to condemn a woman who wants to enjoy through anus? Or reproach a man who likes the feeling of compression of the penis with the muscles of the anus, more elastic than that of the vagina? Here it would be worth paying attention to another. If for a woman anal sex turns out to be the only way to enjoy, perhaps she for some reason wants to move away from sensations in the area of the vagina. This happens after rape: a woman blames herself for what happened to her, and avoids vaginal penetration, afraid to experience pleasure from him.

And a man? What makes him prefer anal contact, which is not related to female sexual organs? The answer is probably this: if in the psyche of each of us there are homo- and heterosexual impulses, then anal sex makes it possible to play with this duality inherent in us by nature. Many people like such an ambiguity of roles, and this does not mean that men practicing anal sex are all completely prone to homosexuality-as women who penetrate the man with the help of a finger or sex toy are not prone to it.

Be that as it may, it is important not to have anal sex “by duty”. Both partners must experience interest and desire to try this method. No, they should not – but free. And they always have a choice.


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